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[image]Self Portrait - Jeffrey Ventrella
Self Portrait using variation on the Mandelbrot Set equation, and a genetic algorithm that finds parameters that generate images using a 50X50 gif image of Ventrella's face as a fitness function. See http://www.ventrella.com/Tweaks/Portraits/ for more info
Keywords: Mandelbrot; portrait; genetic algorithm
Downloads: 18
[image]April 2009 Self Portrait - Jeffrey Ventrella
Sel fPortr aitBasedOn theMan delbrotS etCreate dwith a gen etical gorithmusing a gif imageofVen trella'sF aceasaf itnessFunctio n.See http://www.ventrella.com/Tweaks/Portraits/ fordet ails.
Keywords: Mandelbrot; genetic algorithm; self portrait
Downloads: 9
[texts]Health Monitoring of LSF Structure via Novel TTFD Approach - Hamid Reza Vosoughifar, Seyed Kazem Sadat Shokouhi
Structural Health Monitoring
Keywords: Structural Health Monitoring; Genetic Algorithm
Downloads: 71
Portfolio optimization is the task of allocating the investors capital amongdifferent assets in such a way that the returns are maximized while at the same time, therisk is minimized. The traditional model followed for portfolio optimization is theMarkowitz model [1], [2],[3]. Markowitz model, considering the ideal case of linearconstraints, can be solved using quadratic programming, however, in real-life scenario, thepresence of nonlinear constraints such as limits on the number of assets in th...
Keywords: Genetic Algorithm; portfolio optimization; Markowitz; BSE
Downloads: 6
[texts]An Advanced Optimal Web Intelligent Model for Mining Web User Usage Behavior using Genetic Algorithm
With the continued growth and proliferation of  Web services and Web based information systems, the volumes of user data have reached astronomical proportions. Analyzing such data using Web Usage Mining can help to determine the visiting interests or needs of the web user. This type of analysis involves the automatic discovery of meaningful patterns, which represents fine grained navigational behavior of visitors from a large collection of semi structured web log data...
Keywords: Web Usage Mining; Genetic Algorithm; Pattern Discovery
Downloads: 55
[image]Fractal Self Portrait 2 - Jeffrey Ventrella
This is a tweak of the Mandelbrot Set using a genetic algorithm to imitate an image of my head. See http://www.ventrella.com/Tweaks/Portraits/ for details. Another cane be found at http://www.archive.org/details/FractalSelf-portrait
Keywords: Mandelbrot; genetic algorithm; mimesis; fractal; portrait
Downloads: 129
[image]Fractal Self-Portrait - Jeffrey Ventrella
This is a tweak of the Mandelbrot Set using a genetic algorithm to imitate an image of my head. See http://www.ventrella.com/Tweaks/Portraits/ for details
Keywords: Mandelbrot; genetic algorithm; mimesis; fractal; portrait
Downloads: 25
Feature subset selection is a process of selecting asubset of minimal, relevant features and is a pre processingtechnique for a wide variety of applications. High dimensionaldata clustering is a challenging task in data mining. Reducedset of features helps to make the patterns easier to understand.Reduced set of features are more significant if they areapplication specific. Almost all existing feature subsetselection algorithms are not automatic and are not applicationspecific...
Keywords: feature subset selection; Genetic Algorithm and clustering
Downloads: 15
[texts]An Energy Efficient Genetic Approach for Clustering of Wireless Sensor Network - Sudakshina Dasgupta, Paramartha Dutta
Wireless Sensor Network has emerged as an important technology of the future due to its potential for application across a wide array of domains. The issue of optimizing the limited and often non-renewable energy of sensor nodes due to its direct impact on network lifetime dominates every aspect of wireless sensor networks. Clustering protocols significantly impact network lifetime, routing algorithms and connectivity...
Keywords: Wireless Sensor Network; Cluster-Heads; Genetic Algorithm
Downloads: 170
[texts]2. Eng Host Scheduling Tarun Goyal - Tarun Goyal & Aakanksha Agrawal
Cloud computing is a paradigm in which IT (information technology) application provide as a service. Cloud computing allows users to utilize the computation, storage, data and services from around the world in commercialize manner. In cloud environment, scheduling is the major issue. Scheduling is responsible efficient utilization of the resources. In this paper, a Scheduling model based on minimum network delay using Suffrage Heuristic coupled with Genetic algorithms for scheduling sets of inde...
Keywords: Cloud Computing; Suffrage Heuristic; and Genetic Algorithm
Downloads: 40
[texts]Genetic Algorithm based Layered Detection and Defense of HTTP Botnet
A System state in HTTP botnet uses HTTP protocolfor the creation of chain of Botnets thereby compromisingother systems. By using HTTP protocol and port number 80,attacks can not only be hidden but also pass through thefirewall without being detected. The DPR based detectionleads to better analysis of botnet attacks [3]. However, itprovides only probabilistic detection of the attacker and alsotime consuming and error prone...
Keywords: HttpBotnet; DPR; Firewall; Layered approach; Genetic Algorithm
Downloads: 74
[texts]The Inverse Aspect of Metaheuristics for the Parameter Identification of S‐systems
The genetic regulatory network, which is constructed fromthe time‐courses data sets, is always described as highlynonlinear differential equations. Mathematical andcomputational modeling technologies focus on efficientlyidentifying the parameters of the nonlinear dynamicbiological system. Various derivative‐free and derivativebasedoptimization technologies have been proposedrecently to infer the parameters of the S‐type geneticregulatory networks (S‐systems)...
Keywords: Parameter Estimation; S‐System; Memetic Computation; Genetic Algorithm
Downloads: 11
[texts]Multicast Heuristic Approaches on Multi-Layer Wireless Network
Multicast services are increased in exponential manner in these last few years and in particular in the field of multimedia services. Multicast can reduce resources allocation and enhance network performances in terms of QoS, especially in a wireless platforms where the bandwidth is a precious resource. The problem of multicast routing can be reduced to the problem of finding a spanning tree capable to distribute network flow among multicast sources and destinations...
Keywords: Scalable Algorithm; Multicast routing; heterogeneous platforms; Genetic Algorithm; Simulated Annealing
Downloads: 16
[texts]4. Maths IJMCAR Accelerated Genetic Algorithm Solution Eman Ali Hussain Iraq
In this research, the development of a fast numerical method was performed in order to solve the Option Pricing problems governed by the Black-Scholes equation using an accelerated genetic algorithm method. Where the Black-Scholes equation is a well known partial differential equation in financial mathematics. A discussion of the solutions was introduced for the linear Black-Scholes model with the European options (Call and Put) analytically and numerically ,with and without transformation to he...
Keywords: Linear Black-Scholes Equation; American and European Options; Genetic Algorithm
Downloads: 6
[texts]Simulation of an Improved Cyclone System by Artificial Neural Network, Adaptive-network-based Fuzzy Inference System and Hybrid ANN-genetic Algorithm Approach
Simulation of an improved cyclone was carried out by means of Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs), adaptive-network-based fuzzy inference system (ANFIS), and hybrid ANN-Genetic Algorithm (GA). The apparatus consists of two cyclones coupled with a specially designed cylindrical chamber, which includes a rotating tube inside with air-impinging nuzzles drilled on the peripheral surface of the tube. The chamber includes a tube with nozzles on its peripheral surface from which jet-impingement flow thro...
Keywords: Dust Removal; Jet-Impingement; Genetic Algorithm; Neural Network; ANFIS
Downloads: 25
[audio]tis evolution - MCLD
Rhythmic ambient music created with Genetic Algorithms (a way of implementing evolution in a virtual environment). More info at http://www.mcld.co.uk/evolutionarysound/ These are live recordings, with no processing or post-production. No samples, no predefined patterns - everything you hear is created on-the-fly by evolutionary processes.
Keywords: experimental; evolution; genetic; generative; genetic algorithm; genetic programming
Downloads: 301
[texts]An Hybridization Method for Absolute Radiometric Calibration Using AI Techniques - Priti Tyagi, Udhav Bhosle
In environmental monitoring and modeling, a key role isplayed by satellite image analysis throughout the precedentfew decades. The capability of several types of changedetection analysis is achieved by regular observation on aspecified region over time. These can be complicated asvariations in sensor calibration, changes in illumination andobservation angles, and differences in atmospheric effectscause radiometric inconsistency...
Keywords: Artificial Neural Network; Genetic Algorithm; Absolute Radiometric Calibration; Image Registration
Downloads: 15
[texts]Application of Job-shop Scheduling Based on Hybrid Genetic Algorithm - Guang Dong, Wei He, Ming Fang, Guangcai Cui
This paper designs a hybrid genetic algorithm for job-shop scheduling combined with a Genetic Algorithm (GA), Simulated Annealing (SA), and a Tabu Search (TS) algorithm. It gives a method for initial population generation for avoiding unreasonable solutions, and introduces SA and TS into the genetic operation mechanism of GA for overcoming the lack of job-shop scheduling optimization. Simulated computations show the superiority of the hybrid genetic algorithm, and examples verify the algorithmâ...
Keywords: Job-shop Scheduling; Genetic Algorithm; Simulated Annealing Algorithm; Tabu Search
Downloads: 135
[texts]Effect of Defuzzification Methods in Redundancy Allocation Problem with Fuzzy Valued Reliabilities via Genetic Algorithm
This paper deals with redundancy allocation problem of complex system with ten subsystems connected in parallel with identical components. The reliability of each component is considered to be imprecise. This impreciseness has been represented by different fuzzy numbers. Then the corresponding problem has been transformed to crisp constrained optimization problem using different defuzzification methods...
Keywords: Reliability-redundancy Allocation; Genetic Algorithm; Fuzzy Number; Defuzzification; Penalty Function
Downloads: 18
 This paper concerns the optimal choice andallocation of FACTS (Flexible AC Transmission Systems)devices in multi-machine power system using geneticalgorithm. The objective is to improve the system loadabilityand the voltage stability. Using the proposed method, thelocations of the FACTS devices, their types and rated valuesare optimized simultaneously. Different kinds of FACTSdevices are simulated in this study: Thyristor ControlledSeries Compensator (TCSC) and Static Var Compensator(SVC)...
Keywords: FACTS devices; TCSC; SVC; Genetic algorithm; restructured power systems
Downloads: 9
[texts]Application of Genetic Algorithm in Improvement of Efficiency of Neural Network - Mahdi Goodarzi, Mahmud Goudarzi
In this article application of genetic algorithm is discussed in order to improve the response of MLP neural network method for forecasting consumed load peak. In this method genetic algorithm is used which has more power in finding total minimum in comparison with algorithms which are based on Newton. This method could find consumed load peak of west of Iran more precise than other models with MRE% (Mean relative error percent) equal 1.207...
Keywords: genetic algorithm; neural network; neural-genetic; consumed load peak
Downloads: 123
[texts]12. Comp Sci IJCSEITR The Effect Of Similarity Measures On Genetic FATIMA MOHY ELDIN AZZAM
Genetic algorithms (GAs) can be used in information retrieval (IR) to optimize the query "solution”. This paperproposes a GA-based IR algorithm that adjusts the weights of keywords of a query in order to generate an optimal or nearoptimal query vector. In this algorithm, each query is represented by a chromosome. These chromosomes are feed intogenetic operator process: selection, crossover, and mutation to get new population, then, to get better solutions, a localsearch procedure is applied on...
Keywords: Information; Retrieval; Genetic Algorithm; Query Optimization; Similarity Measures
Downloads: 2
[texts]Genetic Algorithm Optimization of Operating Parameters for Multiobjective Multipass End Milling
Genetic Algorithm are capable of handling a largenumber of design parameters and work for optimizationproblems that have discontinues or non-differentiablemultidimensional solution spaces, making them ideal foroptimization of machining parameters. Current paper is basedon Genetic Algorithm (GA) for optimization of processparameters (e.g. feed and speed) for multi-objective multi passend milling. GA has been implemented using the MATLABenvironment on the objective function, which is a hybridfunct...
Keywords: Genetic Algorithm (GA); Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO); Crossover; Mutation; chromosome
Downloads: 71
[texts]A Real Valued Genetic Algorithm for Pumped Storage Scheduling
Masters thesis describing the construction and use of a general purpose Genetic Algorithm tool kit and the application of the kit to the TVA Raccoon Mountain Pumped Storage facility.
Keywords: genetic algorithm, thesis, pumped storage, scheduling, artificial intelligence
Downloads: 421
[texts]Data Management In Cellular Networks Using Activity Mining
In the recent technology advances, an increasing number of users are accessing various information systems via wireless communication. The majority users in a mobile environment are moving and accessing wireless services for the activities they are currently unavailable inside. We propose the idea of complex activity for characterizing thecontinuously changing complex behavior patterns of mobile users...
Keywords: Activity mining; Prefectching; pushing; proactive data management; Genetic Algorithm
Downloads: 89
[texts]Research on Sudoku Puzzles Based on Metaheuristics Algorithm
In the last few years, there has been explosive growth in the application of meta-heuristics algorithm for solving Sudoku puzzles in computer science. In this paper we present a hybrid genetic algorithm (HGA) that uses a “random” technology to improve the performance of genetic algorithm. We also show the performance of the algorithms for solving Sudoku puzzles with 46 different examples. The experimental results indicate that HGA is able to produce very competitive results with respect to m...
Keywords: Sudoku; Hybrid Genetic Algorithm; Metaheuristics Algorithm; Optimization; Random Search Strategy
Downloads: 122
[texts]2. Steam Condesnser.full
Manufacturing industry today faces the challenge of having to develop high quality products faster and economically than ever before. Therefore optimization is seen as an innovative technique under certain premises.Optimization in turning means determination of the optimal set of machining parameters to satisfy the objectives within the operational constraints.  Predictive modeling is essential for understanding and optimization of the machining process...
Keywords: Artificial Neural Network (ANN); Genetic Algorithm(GA); Regression Analysis; CVD
Downloads: 18
[texts]Design of Multi-dimensional Bin-packing Heuristic Based on Genetic Algorithm - Ping Zhang, Ju Jiang, Haiyan Xu, Xueshan Han
Genetic algorithm (GA) is an intelligent method based on natural selection for global numerical optimization. To make use of the great advantages of GA, this paper focuses on applying GA to multi-dimensional bin-packing problem (MBP). In multi-dimensional bin-packing problem, the primary goal is putting grouping items into appropriate bins with the same dimensions to make full use of the bins and minimize the number of bins used...
Keywords: Genetic Algorithm; Multi-dimensional Bin-packing; Fitness Function
Downloads: 188
[texts]Hardware Implementation of Genetic Algorithm Based Digital Colour Image Watermarking
The objective of this work is to develop ahardware-based watermarking system to identify the deviceusing which the photograph was taken. The watermark chipwill be fit in any electronic component that acquires theimages, which are then watermarked in real time whilecapturing along with separate key. Watermarking is theprocess of embedding the watermark, in which a watermarkis inserted in to a host image while extracting the watermarkthe watermark is pulled out of the image...
Keywords: Digital watermarking; VLSI; Genetic algorithm; colour space transformation; Hardware Implementation
Downloads: 57
[texts]Optimal Location of Multi-types of FACTS Devices using Genetic Algorithm - Jigar S.Sarda, Manish J. Chauhan, Viren B. Pandya, Dhaval G. Patel
The problem of improving the voltage profile and reducing power loss in electrical networks is a task that must be solved in an optimal manner. Therefore, placement of FACTS devices in suitable location can lead to control in-line flow and maintain bus voltages in desired level and reducing losses is required. This paper presents one of the heuristic methods i.e. a Genetic Algorithm to seek the optimal location of FACTS devices in a power system...
Keywords: FACTS Devices; Genetic Algorithm; Optimal location; ijorcs; ijorcs.org
Downloads: 666
[texts]Analysis of Estimation of Distribution Algorithms and Genetic Algorithms on NK Landscapes - Martin Pelikan
This study analyzes performance of several genetic and evolutionary algorithms on randomly generated NK fitness landscapes with various values of n and k. A large number of NK problem instances are first generated for each n and k, and the global optimum of each instance is obtained using the branch-and-bound algorithm. Next, the hierarchical Bayesian optimization algorithm (hBOA), the univariate marginal distribution algorithm (UMDA), and the simple genetic algorithm (GA) with uniform and two-p...
Keywords: NK fitness landscape; hierarchical BOA; genetic algorithm; branch and bound; performance analysis; scalability; local search; crossover
Downloads: 133
[texts]A New BFA-Based Approach for Optimal Sitting and Sizing of Distributed Generation in Distribution System
This paper proposes an approach based on Bacterial Foraging Algorithm (BFA) for optimal placement of Distribution Generations (DGs). The optimal sitting and sizing of distributed generation is formulated as a multi-objective function including the network power losses minimization and voltage profile improvement. BFA algorithm has been employed to optimize the problem. To demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed approach, it has been applied to 33 and 69 bus systems...
Keywords: Distributed Generation; Optimal Placement; Bacterial Foraging Algorithm (BFA); Genetic Algorithm (GA); Shuffled Frog Leaping Algorithm (SFLA)
Downloads: 35
[texts]Fuzzy Monitor Optimization Method in a Regional Economic System Based on Genetic Algorithm and Its Simulation - Shi Zheng , Wen Zheng, Jin Xia
The purpose of this paper is to enhance the efficiency of monitoring and controlling a regional economic system by the optimization of the fuzzy membership function in the fuzzy controller. The paper improves the membership function by genetic algorithm and made a comparison with our prior research. The simulation results show that the improved controller has many advantages, such as accuracy, self adaptive, robustness and real-time...
Keywords: Genetic Algorithm; Fuzzy Controller; Membership Function; Fuzzy Monitor Optimization Method; Regional Economic System
Downloads: 84
[texts]Application of Genetic Algorithm and Support Vector Machine in Classification of Multisource Remote Sensing Data - H. T. Chu, L. Ge, A. H.-M Ng, C. Rizos
The use of multi-source remote sensing data for improved land cover classification has attracted the attention of many researchers. On the other hand, such an approach increases the data volume with more redundant information and increased levels of uncertainty within datasets, which may actually reduce the classification accuracy. It is therefore an essential, though challenging task to select appropriate features and combine datasets for classification...
Keywords: Multi-Source Data; Support Vector Machine; Genetic Algorithm; SAR; Optical Imagery; Texture
Downloads: 19
In this paper, the robust control problem of general uncertain mult i-input multi-output (MIMO) nonlinear three tank systems is introduced. Three different optimization techniques are discussed to design Sliding Mode Control (SMC) based controller for nonlinear coupled Multi-Input Multi-Output (MIMO) system. These three different optimizat ion techniques are genetic algorithm (GAs), fuzzy neural network (FNN) and adaptive fuzzy control...
Keywords: Genetic Algorithm (GA); Fuzzy Neural Network (FNN); Robust Controller; Sliding Mode Controller and MIMO Nonlinear System
Downloads: 8
[texts]Reactive Power Planning using Real GA Comparison with Evolutionary Programming
 This paper proposes an application of real coded  genetic algorithm (RGA) to reactive power planning (RPP). Several techniques have been developed to make RGA practicable to solve a real power system problem and other practical problems. The proposed approach has been used in the IEEE 30-bus system. Simulation results, compared with those obtained by using the evolutionary programming(EP), are presented to show that the present method is better for power system planning...
Keywords: Power systems; real coded genetic algorithm; reactive power planning; artificial intelligence; evolutionary programming
Downloads: 85
[texts]BOA: The Bayesian Optimization Algorithm - Martin Pelikan, David E. Goldberg, Erick Cantu-Paz
Martin Pelikan, David E. Goldberg, & Erick Cantú-Paz, E. (1999). BOA: The Bayesian optimization algorithm. Proceedings of the Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO-99), I, 525-532. Also IlliGAL Report No. 99003. Abstract In this paper, an algorithm based on the concepts of genetic algorithms that uses an estimation of a probability distribution of promising solutions in order to generate new candidate solutions is proposed...
Keywords: Bayesian optimization algorithm; BOA; estimation of distribution algorithm; EDA; genetic algorithm; evolutionary computation; optimization
Downloads: 368
[movies]electric sheep megapack 50a - Scott Draves and the Electric Sheep
large collection of sheep from generation 202
Keywords: electric sheep, evolution, art, genetic algorithm, distributed computing, fractal flame, open source, free software, math
Downloads: 1,131
[texts]Reduce the Transverse Distortion of Butt Welded Plates Using Genetic Algorithm
This paper presents a study on optimization of process parameters using genetic algorithm to reduce the transverse distortion in 304 L stainless steel butt welded plates. Distortion, the major problem in welded plates, results from the expansion and contraction of the weld metal and adjacent base metal during the heating and cooling cycle of the welding process. During this heating and cooling cycle, many factors affect shrinkage of the metal and lead to distortion, such as physical and mechanic...
Keywords: Arc Welding; 304L Stainless Steel; Distortion; Finite Element; Genetic Algorithm
Downloads: 35
[texts]Biogeography Based Optimization Approach for Optimal Power Flow Problem Considering Valve Loading Effects
This paper presents a novel Biogeography Based  Optimization (BBO) algorithm for solving multi-objective constrained optimal power flow problems in power system. In this paper, the feasibility of the proposed algorithm is demonstrated for IEEE 30-bus system with three differentobjective functions and it is compared to other well established population based optimization techniques. A comparison of simulation results reveals better solution quality and computation efficiency of the proposed algo...
Keywords: Biogeography; Optimal Power Flow; Particle Swarm Optimization; Genetic Algorithm; Evolutionary Programming; Mutation; Migration
Downloads: 198
[texts]Genetic algorithm based Different Re-dispatching Scheduling of Generator Units for Calculating Short Run Marginal Cost in Deregulated Environment
Proper pricing of active power is an important issuein deregulated power environment. This paper presents aflexible formulation for determining short run marginal costof synchronous generators using genetic algorithm baseddifferent re-dispatching scheduling considering economic loaddispatch as well as optimized loss condition. By integratinggenetic algorithm based solution, problem formulation becameeasier...
Keywords: Short run marginal cost; genetic algorithm; economic load dispatch; loss optimization
Downloads: 25
[texts]On Demand Bandwidth Reservation for Real- Time Traffic in Cellular IP Network Using Evolutionary Techniques
As real-time traffic requires more attention, it is given priority over non-real-time traffic in Cellular IP networks. Bandwidth reservation is often applied to serve such traffic in order to achieve better Quality of Service (QoS). Evolutionary Algorithms are quite useful in solving optimization problems of such nature. This paper employs Genetic Algorithm (GA) for bandwidth management in Cellular IP network...
Keywords: Genetic Algorithm; Cellular IP networks; Quality of Service; Connection Completion Probability; Bandwidth Reservation; Particle Swarm Optimization
Downloads: 19
[texts]Genetic Algorithm based Optimal Placement of Distributed Generation Reducing Loss and Improving Voltage Sag Performance
This paper proposes a genetic algorithm optimization technique for optimal placement of distributed generation in a radial distribution system to minimize the total power loss and to improve the voltage sag performance. Load flow algorithm and three phase short circuit analysis are combined appropriately with GA, till access to acceptableresults of this operation. The suggested method is programmed under MATLAB software...
Keywords: Distributed Generation; Line Loss; Voltage Sag; Genetic Algorithm; and Radial Distribution network
Downloads: 441
[texts]A Control Strategy for Ground Source Heat Pump Performance Optimization with a Non-homogeneous Soil Profile - Amir Rezaei-Bazkiaei, Ehsan Dehghan-Niri, Gary F. Dargush, A. Scott Weber
An effective control strategy with a non-homogeneous soil profile for horizontal Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHPs) was investigated in this paper. Steps toward development of a comprehensive model to consider the effects of an intermediate blanket on top of the ground pipes were described. The model incorporates the effects of a variety of surface energy fluxes to provide an accurate estimate of the ground thermal regime...
Keywords: Ground source heat pump; tire derived aggregate; non-homogeneous; optimization; genetic algorithm; energy efficiency; control
Downloads: 113
[texts]Study of Cutoff Frequency Limits of Switchable Ferrite Microstrip Triangular Patch Antenna through Genetic Algorithm
The study of cutoff frequency limits of switchable ferrite microstrip triangular patch antenna  through genetic algorithm is presented. In this communication we optimized cutoff frequency limits of switching region of dispersion curve obtained for LiTiMg-ferrite substrate. This dispersion curve  become zero or negative under proper magnetic biasing  which indicate  the switch off state of microstrip antenna printed on the substrate...
Keywords: Microstrip Triangular Patch Antenna; Genetic Algorithm; Fitness Function; Ferrite Substrate; Magnetic Biasing; ANN Analysis Training; etc
Downloads: 36
[texts]Image De-noising and Enhancement for Salt and Pepper Noise using Genetic Algorithm-Morphological Operations
Image Enhancement through De-noising is one ofthe most important applications of Digital Image Processingand is still a challenging problem. Images are often receivedin defective conditions due to usage of Poor image sensors,poor data acquisition process and transmission errors etc.,which creates problems for the subsequent process tounderstand such images. The proposed Genetic filter is capableof removing noise while preserving the fine details, as well asstructural image content...
Keywords: Genetic Algorithm; Salt and Pepper Noise; Spatial Domain Techniques; Morphological Operations; Structuring Element; PSNR
Downloads: 59
[texts]A New Recognition Approach Based on Genetic Algorithm for Classifying Textures in Satellite SAR Images - Gholamreza Akbarizadeh
Image segmentation is an important step in texture recognition of Satellite Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) images. In this paper, an efficient method for texture recognition of SAR images is proposed based on extraordinary result of wavelet transform on texture feature extraction and the benefits of genetic algorithm (GA) as a classifier. First, texture feature is extracted by wavelet transform. Second, a feature vector composed of wavelet energy feature, kurtosis value of wavelet energy feature...
Keywords: Synthetic Aperture Radar; Segmentation; Level Set; Active Contour; Fourth Order Cumulant; Genetic Algorithm (GA)
Downloads: 20
[texts]Multi-Objective Optimization in Gait Planning of Biped Robot Using Genetic Algorithm and Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm - Rajendra Rega, Dilip Kumar Pratihar
This paper deals with multi-objective optimization in gait planning of a 7-dof biped robot ascending and descending some staircases. Both its power consumption as well as dynamic balance margin depends on a few common design parameters. The biped robot should have a maximum dynamic balance margin but at the expense of minimum power. Thus, a conflicting relationship exists between these two objectives...
Keywords: Biped robots; Gait planning; Multi-objective optimization; Pareto-optimal front; Genetic algorithm; Particle swarm optimization
Downloads: 256
[texts]An Application of Genetic Programming for Power System Planning and Operation
This work incorporates the identification of modelin functional form using curve fitting and genetic programmingtechnique which can forecast present and future loadrequirement. Approximating an unknown function withsample data is an important practical problem. In order toforecast an unknown function using a finite set of sampledata, a function is constructed to fit sample data points. Thisprocess is called curve fitting...
Keywords: Power System Planning; Load Forecasting; Curve Fitting; Genetic Algorithm; Mutation; Fitness Function
Downloads: 25
[texts]Shared Crossover Method for Solving Traveling Salesman Problem - Mouhammd Al kasassbeh, Ahmad Alabadleh, Tahsen Al-Ramadeen
Genetic algorithms (GA) are evolutionary techniques that used crossover and mutation operators to solveoptimization problems using a survival of the fittest idea. They have been used successfully in a variety of different problems,including the traveling salesman problem. The main idea of Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP) is to find the minimum travelingcost for visiting cities; which means that the salesman must visit each city exactly once and return to the starting point of origin.Genetic algo...
Keywords: Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP); Genetic Algorithm (GA); Order Crossover (OX); Swap Crossover; Shared Crossover
Downloads: 14
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